D'Cake Company


Opening times

MONDAY: 9am - 5pm

TUESDAY: 9am - 5pm

WEDNESDAY: 9am - 5pm

THURSDAY: 9am - 7pm

FRIDAY: 9am - 5pm

SATURDAY: 9am - 5pm


Welcome to D'Cake Company. We will make cakes for any occasion and customise them to suit your needs. Our cakes come in vanilla genoise, chocolate or traditional rich fruit cake. All cakes are made with the finest ingredients and great care is taken to ensure your cake will meet with your satisfaction.

We have been open since July 2004 and we have had a huge success with customers coming back time and again.

wedding cake

We also supply some sugar craft items for customers who would like to make their own cakes ranging from flower cutters and modeling tools to gum tragacanth and paste colours and petal dusts. If given enough notice we can specially order items for you.